Which type of plot would be most appropriate to display the responses to asking people about their type of residence​?A.histogramB.timeplotC.pie chartD.dotplot

Accepted Solution

We can do this by evaluating each type of graphing the data and seeing if it fits. For a histogram, we have a bar graph sort of thing, which compares two values, such as time compared to the height of a plant. However, these are used for numerical values that can change - for example, time can go up. Type of residence is not represented numerically (for example, saying you live in a house is not definitively defined as 1, or any other number) and this therefore does not work.

For a time plot, this is sort of similar - you’re forced to have time as one of the variables to compare, and since time is not part of people or their type of residence, this would not work.

For a pie chart, which is the percentage of people compared to the total as a piece of the pie (and only uses the amount of somethung compared to the total amount of people and the type of something that they are, which could easily be substituted for people and type of residence), this could easily work, but we should check the last answer to make sure.

Seeing what a dot plot is, which is comparing numbers to the amount of times they occur, we can easily rule that one out as the amount of times they occur have to be the amount of people and residence is not numerical.

Your answer is therefore a pie chart, or C. Feel free to ask further questions!