You can work no more than 60 hours each week at your two jobs. Dog walking pays $7 per hour and your sales job at Computers & More, Inc. pays $12 per hour. You need to earn at least $450 each week to pay your bills. Your friend solves the system of inequalities and tells you that a possible solution is (-3, 50). Is this a possible solution, why or why not?

Accepted Solution

Answer:NoStep-by-step explanation:You cannot work negative 3 hours, it's impossible. One possible solution would be to work 50 hours a week at dog walking for 7 dollars an hour, and 10 hours a week at Computers & More, Inc. for 12 dollars a week. This would give you 350 dollars from dog walking, and 120 dollars from Computers & More, Inc. This would be a total of 470 dollars.