Mr. Agarwal is the best forex trading platform in India. Provides an e-book for the beginner. Concepts-wise, this e-book is very useful for the beginner. So forex guide plays a very vital role when we are going to start online trading. Mr. Agarwal has a lot of experience in this field. And in this e-book, you will learn how to define trade in a very easy and convenient way.

What is Forex education trading and how to do it in India? Two ways we are doing forex trading in India. You can trade future trending USD INR in forex. And if you wish to buy the shares of any firm in the future. And you have agreed to buy them only at the predetermined rate. So regardless of the price is less or greater at the moment.

And someone else can buy them instead of you, but you must buy them. So in the same way, you can trade-in options trading. Because whether you want to buy the company whose shares you had promised. So that to buy at a fixed rate or not.  And you can use this. So how you can do Forex trading in India.

You can do Forex trading in India in pairs.  And Indian rupees must be pair for trading in India. And the pairs are like this, the first pair is Euro INR. And the second pair is Gpb INR. The third pair is Jpy INR. We have to do for the next trading in India only by staying within the limits of these pairs. Well, there are some other pairs in it.

Euro USD, Gpb USD but these Pairs are available only Angel Broking app. Forex trading in India opens at 9.00 am and closes at 5.00 pm. Euro USD closes till 7:00 pm. We should choose the best Pairs to do trading in Forex where the whole world does business. The best pair for trading in Forex is Euro USD. Because it always has a high currency volume

Trading Guide-Best Trading Platform in India

So this is how you can do Forex trading in India. But if you will do Forex trading in another country so for that you have to open a broker account. You can open any broker account and then log in to it. As soon as you log in, the name of the companies will open in front of you.

Then you have to enter the password but the same company will give the password. And you have to enter the same password once you enter the password. MP4 app will be open. In this app first, you have to invest some money then you can do business in this app. Now you have money to trade. So you can by selecting the option in this app it can buy or sell any shares of the company.

Forex Guide For Beginner